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Exceptional Detail And Clarity

Brighter is Better

The light from the projector bulb is projected directly without
reflection, which reduces light loss. You can see your favorite movies
and shows with the 350 lumen bulb which delivers a razor-sharp,
high-definition image.

Large 200" Projection Area

Get ready to turn our home into a
private cinema. You can adjust the
screen size from 50” all the way up to
200” for an epic watch party.

Enjoy Your Entertainment With TV Stick 

Binge your favorite movies and TV shows from Netflix,
Youtube and more.  

Keystone Correction

K10 supports keystone correction which gives you simple control of image
alignment. The square image can be obtained even if the projector is placed
freely regardless of the angle.

Built-in 5W Powerful Speaker

The built-in speaker of the K10 is larger than
those of other similarly sized projectors,
making the sound thicker and powerful.

Wireless Screen Mirroring

Miracast:  Mirror content from your phone with Miracast.

Whale Cast:  Allow you to sharing the only specific
content from your mobile device that you want to
project. Your phone can be used to do something
else or be blacked out while casting.

Dust-sealed Optical Engine

K10 equipped with a fully sealed optical engine that
effectively blocks dust that helps to eliminate dark
spots and reduce light leakage.

Universal Connectivity

Wi-Fi 2.4G 5G 6G / USB /
Bluetooth 5.0/ HDMI / AV

Bluetooth And Infrared
Remote Control

The operation is not blocked by
objects, it is easier to control
and more flexible.

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